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In the fall of 1968 Lloyd Herin (of Hesperia) was driving his Oceana County Rd Com Truck on 198th across the White River on the "Elm Bridge".

Notice how the front wheels are not touching the ground nor are the rear wheels. Lloyd crawled out over the hood/fender and down to the ground. He said the truck was balanced and he held the nose down until help arrived because he was afraid of it going in completely.

 Why wasn't the bridge ever fixed? Why was it torn down and never replaced? Why?, Why?.
 Elm and Mossback (on Hawley @ White River) Bridges were bought at the same time. Design and materials were purchased from Joliet Bridge and Iron Co in July 1903. The purchase price was $2130.00.

   The above contract states that the prices for the 2 bridges is $2130.00.  Evidently that was erected.
 The aove picture is the handwritten blueprints for both the Mossback and Elm Bridges.
So the bridges were probably built in 1904. Elm bridge lasted 64 yrs before it met its demise. Mossback has  been completely rebuilt and maintained all of that time.
The above statement is for the the 2 bridges and notice the date 3/16/04
 For about 43 years there has been no bridge on 198th. Why was it not replaced? There seems to be nobody around anymore that can remember why(but then I found a politician that knew). There was insurance on the bridge and the county received the money. BUT after many hours of arguing for and against the bridge the money could not be found. Evidently the money was put in the general account instead of wherever it belonged.
 So because of that the south side of the river real estate values haven't increased in value like the north side and of course there aren't any houses to speak of either. The land was plotted but nothing was ever done with it.
  If it would've been Mossback Bridge that crashed, would it have been replaced? If that had happened can you even imagine how different the housing situation would've been? Would Newfield Dr have been there, the trout ponds?
 What else would have been different?
 The above receipts are available for viewing at The Hesperia Comm Library.
Thanks to everybody that helped as we were looking for the facts. A very special thanks to the Lloyd Herin Family for their help in the pictures and the story.

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